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What is DGS Approved Medical Certificate ?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

DG Approved Medical Cerificate is a medical certificate which is issued by approved medical practitioner to ensure seafarers good mental and physical health at the sea in order to enable them to perform freely and efficiently.

At Kootampuli Medical Center , we do all the necessary tests with utmost care as per Directorate of Shipping India.

We have been empanelled with numerous shipping companies for providing apt medical facilities to all the seafarers that includes various tests and vaccination. We have a highly qualified and experienced DG Shipping approved doctor for the medical examination and certification of seafarers

Requirements to undergo Medical Test :

Good Eye Vision

Good Hearing

No Disability

No Speech Impairment

No Communicable Diseases

Directorate General of Shipping's Fitness Requirements for Sea Service:

To be declared fit for selection, a candidate must be in good mental and physical health and free from any deficiency likely to interfere with the efficient performance of duties. These medical requirements are laid down by DG Shipping and are subject to change.

The following features are to be particularly observed:


There should be no evidence of a weak constitution by way of imperfect development of muscles or serious malformation. Minimum height should be 157 centimetres with co-related weight and proportionate chest with a minimum 5 centimetre expansion.
Skeletal System

There should be no disease or impairment of functions of bones or joints. The candidate should also be free from any contraction or deformity of the chest or any joint. There should also not be any abnormal curvatures of the spine, deformity of legs and feet like bow legs, knock knee, flat feet. Neither should there be any instance of deformity of upper limbs, malformation of the head, deformity from fractures or depression of the skull. Healed fractures with a pin inside will also be a disqualification.

Ear, Nose, Throat

There should be no impaired hearing, discharge from or disease of either ear, unhealed perforation of the tympanic membrane or signs of acute or chronic supportive otitis media or evidence of radical or modified radical mastoid operation and no congenital malfunction of the ear. Unaided average threshold is to be higher than 40 db in both ears at 500,1000,2000, and 3000 Hz and / or functional speech discrimination less than 90% at 55 db in both ears is required. A candidate should be able to hear a whisper at a distance of 5 meters on each side without using hearing aids.

Candidates should not be afflicted with any disease of the bones and cartilage of the nose, nasal polypus or disease of naso-pharynx or accessory sinuses.

There should not be any loss or decay of teeth to such an extent as to interfere with efficient mastication. There should also not be any evidence of any disease of the throat, palate, tonsils or gums or any disease or injury affecting the normal function of either temporo-mandibular joint. Individuals with severe pyorrhoea will also be rejected.


There should be no speech impediment orimpairment like excessive stammering or a pronounced lisp.

Lymphatic System

All candidates must have a normally functioning glandular system without signs of tubercular enlargement or abnormality due to other diseases in the neck or other parts of the body.

Cardiovascular System

There should be no instance of cardiac or vascular disease. Electrocardiogram should be within normal limits. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure must not exceed 140 and 90 mm of Hg, respectively.

Respiratory System

There should be no evidence of chronic or upper respiratory disease, tuberculosis or history of this disease. X-ray of the chest should be normal.

Digestive System

There should be no evidence of any disease of the digestive system and the liver and spleen should not be palpable. There should be no abdominal tenderness on palpation.

Genitourinary System

The kidneys should not be palpable, enlarged or diseased. Candidates with alburminuria, glycosurea or blood (R.B.C) in urine will not be accepted. There should be no hernia or tendency thereto. Th