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KMC Seafarers Medical Center

Better place to get fitness medical certificate for joing the ship or to study for matine courses.

Filling Out a Form

Fill Online Form

Click on the link below to fill online self declaration form before undergoing the medical examination

Cargo Ship at Port

DG Shipping Site

Click on the link below to access DG Shipping Maritime health branch wesite for more info

DGS Approved Medical Services +

Basic ILO / Freshers Medical Certification - To join Seafarer Course / To join ship

Book for Rs 1800/- to obtain fresh DGS approved ILO certificate with basic blood test and ECG and Vision Test.

Refreshers Medical Certificate - ( to apply for course )

Book for Rs 750/- ( prior medical certificate is mandatory to book this medical test

Medical ILO Certificate to Apply CDC

Book for Rs1200/- if there is no previous medical available ( If you have previous medical certificate the fee will be Rs 750)

Basic Standard DGS Medical Certification

Book for Rs2500/- includes - Blood test, ECG, Xray, Vision Test

Advanced DGS Medical Certification

Book for Rs3200/- It includes Basic Profile , Drug and Alcohol, Serology Test, Urine Test

Premium DGS Medical Certification

Book for Rs3200/- It includes Basic Profile , Drug and Alcohol, Serology Test, Urine Test, Ultrasound, PFT , Audiogram


  • It is advised for your convenience to come to the clinic with prior appointment.

  • It is advised to report at clinic in the morning at 8 AM without having breakfast for accurate diagnostic test results.

  • If you are 18 years and above, your Medical fitness certificate will be generally valid for two years. In case you are under 18 years, the validity will be only for one year.

  • Please bring your company’s requisition for your medical examination or provide vessel's name & location and your employer's/marine academy's name where you are going to join.

  • Please bring along with you CDC (Continuous discharge certificate) and copy of passport to establish your identity.

  • Please bring three latest passport size colour photographs.

  • Please present your previous medical fitness certificate and complete medical history & record if ongoing / undergone any treatment.

  • Please fill and sign the employee’s declaration form about health and illnesses correctly without concealing any facts.