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Routine Medical Examination

"Comprehensive Medical Examination Services for Your Routine Check-Ups"

Routine Medical Examination

At Kootampuli Medical Center (KMC), we provide routine medical examinations to our patients to assess their overall health and identify any underlying medical conditions that may require treatment. These examinations typically include a physical examination, which involves a thorough assessment of the patient's body, including their vital signs, heart and lung function, and neurological function.

In addition to the physical examination, we may also conduct various tests and screenings to evaluate the patient's health status. This may include blood tests, urine tests, electrocardiography (ECG), and chest X-ray.

During the routine medical examination, our team of experienced doctors may also provide guidance on lifestyle modifications, such as exercise and diet changes, to help the patient maintain optimal health and prevent the development of chronic illnesses.

Overall, routine medical examinations at KMC are an essential part of maintaining good health and can help detect and prevent medical conditions before they become more serious. Contact us today to schedule your routine medical examination with our team of experienced medical professionals.

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