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Life is Precious - Drive Slowly !!

We could see more number of accidents are happening in roads , The reason here we would like to Highlight is Over speeding...

Tips to Avoid Accidents
Drive slowly - Avoid Accidents

What is Overspeeding?

Speed differs from vehicle to vehicle...

Your Inner heart will surely say that what is the normal speed for driving a vehicle,

If you are in a hurry.. You may lose to obey your heart sayings..

You may be lucky for not involved in accidents, but it will not be the same always..

Your life is important to your family, friends and relatives..

Opposite party life is also most important.

How to Avoid Overspeeding?

Get up early in the morning, Have a daily planner and work as per the scheduled plan.

Do not work in huryy , it leads to mistakes and failures!

Driving too quickly or too slowly is never a good idea and should be avoided whenever possible. Instead, they should drive according to road conditions and behavior of other drivers, as long as that behavior is legal and safe.

Who is involved in Accidents?

  1. Distracted Drivers

  2. New learners

  3. Senior Citizens

  4. RubberNeckers


  1. Pick the vehicle with suitable safety features

  2. Always keep your eyes on the road

  3. Do not cross the speed limit

  4. Never forget to wear your seat belt

  5. Look out for blind spots

  6. Tailgating should be avoided

  7. Watch out for motorcyclists and jaywalkers

  8. Never drive under the influence of alcohol

  9. Follow traffic rules

  10. Avoid driving when you are sleepy

  11. Try to follow lane discipline

  12. Look out for caution signs

  13. Avoid using your mobile phone while driving

Do’s and Don’ts in case of an accident

How to deal after event of accident
Tips after accidents care

In case your vehicle does meet with an accident due to unfortunate circumstances, the important thing to do is to remain calm and assess the situation. Listed below are some quick do’s and don’ts that you can keep in mind in case of an untoward incident:


  • Check and find all the injuries

  • In case of bleeding, try to control the blood flow

  • Call for assistance if someone is nearby

  • Make a call to the hospital, the police, and your insurer

  • Take pictures of the accident spot, as they will be handy for the police and the insurance company


  • Do not accept any verbal on-spot settlements from the third-party. Check with an insurance executive before making any settlements.

  • Never run from the accident scene. You can help the casualties in case they have major injuries.

  • Some things to keep in mind for physical injuries that happen during an accident:

    • Avoid feeding liquids or food to the injured person.

    • Never remove a stabbed object. This will only increase the bleeding. Let the object remain as it can at least stop the blood flow till you get to a hospital

    • Avoid moving the neck of the injured. If the neck is in an unnatural angle after the accident, avoid moving and wait for a doctor.

Keep these tips in mind to avoid accidents as much as you can. There might be times where an accident maybe beyond your control. It could happen even after you followed most of the precautionary measures. In case of an accident, the important thing to remember is to not panic. Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind to ensure you stay calm and handle the situation in the best way possible.

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